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I love to involve power play, rope, and a variety of sensations. The experience is one of letting go of the world as your entire world becomes a mix of sensations and obedience.

…I have you on your knees now. I take a drink from my cup and then have you hold it for me again.

“Now don’t spill a drop,” I say looking into your eyes again. Even though you want to cower, you know better than to look away.

I give you something to hold in your other hand, then I grab the paraffin candle off of the table. You tremble a little knowing that you cannot spill either hand as I bring the hot wax closer and get ready to drip it on you.

Stage 1: Negotiation

When you’re with me, we will start with the negotiation stage. This is where you can change your mind on something you asked for, let me know of any injuries you might have, etc. It’s also a chance for you to get comfortable in the space. Once you’re ready, we move on.

…You can barely move and still more rope drags its way across your skin. It gets tighter putting pressure on you that feels reassuring and constricting all at the same time. I wink and pull. My muscles bulge as everything tightens even more. Then I reorient you to face me. My hands run across your body. You have succumbed completely and all you can do is limply lie there as I do whatever I want.
Sensual Shibari Treatment

Stage 2: Scene

The scene stage is the part where all of the fun happens.

Stage 3: Aftercare

Once everything has settled down, you may need some time to settle down before leaving. That’s what this is for. I have everything from touch based soothing techniques to guided breathing to help put you back together after the scene.


You come to me. $50 deposit to schedule.


I go to you. $50 deposit and extra charges for travel may apply.

Social Call

Use this for friend for hire stuff! I’ll take you to concerts, bars, clubs, wing-woman you, etc. Clothes stay on at all times.

$25 deposit and extra charges for travel may apply.


10 minute minimum. Add a toy for 1/minute more, and choose a specific outfit for a flat 20!

(yes, I will sub in a video call if you want)